Arabius Client Agreement


Bab al Arabia Company for Information Technology (referred to as “Arabius,” “Company,” “we” and “us” in this Client Agreement) is the operator of this facility. Arabius employees providing Company services are referred to as “Guides.” The person named below (“you” or “client”) is a user of the facility.

Country Guidelines

Because of the personal nature of private and semi-private sessions, we remind clients of the importance of adhering to Saudi laws and regulations. As such, during sessions with Arabius and in interactions with our team, clients agree to:

  • Respect the customs, traditions, and culture of Saudi Arabia
  • Refrain from participating in behavior on Arabius premises which is disrespectful of Saudi Arabia, its people and culture, or Islam
  • Refrain from creating or sharing material at Arabius facilities which is disrespectful of Saudi Arabia, its people and culture, or Islam

Arabius Guidelines

Client acknowledges Guides are legally obligated to uphold their employment contracts, which by Saudi law prohibits working outside the company for payment, including freelance, private tutoring, or contract work. Arabius materials, methodology, and trade secrets are proprietary, confidential, and intended only for active clients. As such, you agree to refrain from: 

  • Giving Guides money if solicited
  • Hiring Guides directly or soliciting their services in other ways outside of Arabius
  • Leaving the session location with Guides during their working hours without management approval
  • Sharing Company information or resources outside of personal use

Covid-19 Guidelines

  1. Per Saudi law, no unvaccinated adult may enter the Arabius office. All clients must show vaccine status on Tawakkalna upon entry, prior to beginning sessions.
  2. All clients must take their temperature upon entrance. Clients with a temperature over 38 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to have an in-person session until showing a negative PCR Covid test.

Scheduling and Cancellation

For Hourly Sessions

  1. Scheduled changes must be requested two or more weeks in advance, including absences or cancellations.
  2. Unscheduled changes are considered absences or cancellations requested less than two weeks in advance, and client’s balance will be charged 50% of their current hourly rate.
  3. Sudden changes are considered absences or cancellations requested less than 48 hours in advance, and client’s balance will be charged 100% of their current hourly rate.
  4. We know life is unpredictable. For unexpected emergencies, contact Arabius to cancel or reschedule, and we will gladly work with each situation on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Hourly Clients may freeze sessions according to package specifications. Additional freezes in excess of two weeks will result in Client being placed at the end of the waitlist.
  6. Guide scheduling and changes are at the Company’s discretion to provide the best experience for all Clients.
  7. Hour expiration date is based on package specifications.
  8. For semi-private sessions, rate is based on number of Clients scheduled for session, not attended. (Example: 3 Clients scheduled for a session but only 1 attends. Rate is semi-private, not private)

For Courses

  1. Courses cannot be paused once begun. Arabius may provide access to resources, but ultimately clients are responsible for missed material.
  2. Courses will not begin before start date or be extended past end date except under exceptional circumstances the company deems as necessary.

For VIP Packages

  1. Client is responsible for sending desired schedule each week before 5:00pm Wednesday . If we do not receive a schedule, we will assume Client desires no sessions the following week.
  1. Sessions may be canceled up to 8 hours in advance at no charge.
  2. Sessions canceled less than 8 hours in advance will be charged at 100% of Client’s current hourly rate.
  3. Hour expiration date is based on package specifications.

Payments and Refunds

  1. All payments must be made in advance, prior to the start of hourly sessions or courses and are nonrefundable. For clients reserving sessions or courses more than one month in advance, a 1000 (one thousand) SAR deposit is required. 
  2. Hourly Clients must maintain a positive balance in their account. If balance is negative for more than one week, Clients will be moved to the waitlist until they have completed all outstanding payments.
  3. If an hourly Client’s balance becomes negative, sessions will be charged at the highest rate until a new package is purchased.
  4. While the above is our standing policy, please contact Arabius management about flexible payment options, and we will work with each client to address individual considerations.